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FJT Series Overview
(Interchange with DME Jiffy-Tite, Jiffy-Matic, Parker Moldmate)

Foster FJT Series couplers are designed to connect coolant lines to plastic molds and die casting dies. FJT Series plugs are mounted in the mold. They can be threaded directly into the mold coolant ports or recessed into the mold for a flush surface during storage. Sockets have hose stems, either standard hose or "Push-on" type, for direct connection to the coolant line going to the manifold. Seal compound is silicone for use with water, ethylene glycol, or air.

Type: Straight-Thru, One Way or Two Way

Interchangeability: DME Jiffy-Tite and Jiffy-Matic and Parker Moldmate couplers

Operation: - Socket sleeve must be manually retracted to connect and disconnect

Temperature: -65° to 425° F.

Rated Pressure: 200 PSIG


  • Precision leakproof seal

  • Two piece construction on straight stem sockets

  • Double knurl on socket sleeve for easier grip

  • Sockets have six balls

Options: BL- Locks manual socket against accidental disconnect. To connect, align ball with slot. After connection, rotate sleeve to lock. To disconnect, realign ball with slot and retract sleeve. To order, prefix BL to socket catalog number.

FJT Series Brass Extension Plugs

  • One piece construction for fast assembly, positive removal

  • Installation problems associated with pipe nipple extensions on standard plugs are eliminated

  • One-piece brass construction eliminates a potential leak point and ensures removability

  • A variety of pipe sizes and lengths are available per the enclosed table

Cat. No. NPT A B C
FP251 (F) 1/8 .687 .687 1.000
FP252 (F) 1/4 .843 .937 1.278
FP253 (F) 3/8 1.00 .937 1.373
FP352 (F) 1/4 1.00 1.092 1.450
FP353 (F) 3/8 1.00 1.125 1.574
FP354 1/2 1.187 1.250
FP554 (F) 1/2 1.250 1.500 1.750
FP556 (F) 3/4 1.500 1.562 1.750

(F) - Suffix F for female pipe thread



Part Flow - Water - GPM
10 PSIG Pressure Drop
FJT 1/4"
FJT V 1/4"
One Way (valved)
FJT 3/8"
FJT HF 3/8"
High Flow
FJT V 3/8"
One Way (valved)
FJT500 1/2"